Webbers Falls City Park

Webbers Falls Historic City Park sits along the banks of the Arkansas River. Remnants of the past linger in the barges that still use the river today to carry goods to other cities along the route of the Arkansas River. Today the main attractions for the River and surrounding areas are recreational, boating, fishing and camping.

Camping Rates – 100 River Street, Webbers Falls, Ok
Modern Camp Sites – $25 per day, $150 per Week or Primitive Camp Sites – $12 per day (No Water, No Electricity)
Senior Citizens – $23 per day — 100% Disabled – $19 per day
2 Week Max At Each Camp Site — Pavilion Rental – $15 per day – Stage Rental – $60 per day — Check in with Camp Host or at City Hall

Boat Launch Included with Proof of Camp Site Rental

More Information on Fishing, Camping and Hiking in the local Area